Talks and presentations (selection)

Talks at peer-reviewed conferences/workshops with proceedings can be found in Publications

Invited talks

Discourse level variability in social media. Colloquium “Multilingualism, language contact, and variation”, Humboldt-University Berlin. June 25, 2020.

'Because' and 'if' gone astray: Operators in different dimensions. University of Konstanz Linguistics Department Colloquium. June 2008.

'Because' and 'if' gone astray: Operators on different dimensions. University of the Saarland Computational Linguistics Colloquium. June 19, 2007.

Capturing Crosslinguistic Generalizations: Multilingual Metagrammars. Swarthmore College Linguistics Speaker Series. March 6, 2007. [slides .pdf]

Conferences and Workshops

(lists only those not also published as proceedings articles)

Intensifiers across social media. Linguistweets - the first international twitter conference on linguistics, Abralin, Brazil. December 2020.

Digitale Textproduktion und Computerlinguistik - Chancen und Risiken. Impulsvortrag beim ComeIn Digitalisierungsprojekt, Ruhr-Universität Bochum/online. September 2020.

Explicitness and implicitness of discourse relations across social media. Workshop "Explicit and implicit coherence relations: Different, but how exactly?", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/online. January 2020.

Variability of German question tags (with Yulia Clausen and Manfred Stede), DiPVaC 4 conference, Helsinki, Finland, May 2018.

Propositions, updates, speech acts – what is involved in “won’t you?” question tags in American English? (with Sophia Malamud) DGfS workshop "Why Indeed?", DGfS, Stuttgart, March 2018.

Register Variation across Social Media. DGfS workshop "Register in Linguistic Theory", DGfS, Saarbrücken, March 2017.

Meaning variations in German tag-questions. DGfS workshop "The Prosody and Meaning of (Non-)Canonical Questions Across Languages", DGfS, Leipzig, March 2015. [slides .pdf]

"VOICE Awards": A German Human-Machine Dialog Corpus. (with Roland Roller and Norbert Reithinger) American Association of Corpus Linguistics, Edmonton, Canada, 2009.

Root phenomena and syntax/semantics-mismatch. ZAS Workshop "Root Phenomena", ZAS Berlin, September 2009. [handout .pdf]

Who embeds verb-second complement clauses in Germanic? ZAS Workshop on Clause-Embedding Predicates "Syntax under Lexical Rule", ZAS Berlin, December 2008. [handout .pdf]

XMG and multilingual metagrammars. (with Owen Rambow) Nancy XMG Workshop, Nancy, France, June 2007.

'Until' and Expletive Negation in Modern Hebrew. (with Aviad Eilam) Swarthmore Workshop on Negation and Polarity, Swarthmore, PA, April 2006. [handout .pdf]

Syntax and Semantics of Causal 'denn' in German 15th Amsterdam Colloquium, 2005. [handout .pdf]

A Preliminary Cross-Linguistic Study of Connectives. (with Aravind Joshi) "Workshop on Semantic Processing, Logic, and Cognition" in Tübingen, Germany, November 2005. [slides .pdf]