Tatjana Scheffler’s academic webpage

I am Assistant Professor for Digital Forensic Linguistics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.


I will soon be offering several funded PhD student positions in my lab. Please contact me for details. (April, 2021)

Interview im WDR 5, Scala: “Was ist das eigentlich, Digitale Forensische Linguistik?”

We maintain the public Zotero library on “Linguistics of Emojis”. You can suggest additions via a form linked from the Zotero group page.

Research Interests (incomplete list)

digital forensic linguistics: harmful speech, analysis and detection of disinformation, authorship in social media

digital linguistics: linguistic variability in social media, emojis, language of Twitter

computational linguistics: discourse modelling, discourse parsing, analysis of social media data, corpus linguistics, computational social science, Tree-Adjoining Grammar

theoretical linguistics: discourse & dialog, connectives, corpora, semantics, pragmatics, syntax-semantics interface

intelligent user interfaces: multimodality, mobile applications, spoken dialog systems, user modelling