Questions and NLP, project seminar 2018


Course organization

Instructor: Tatjana Scheffler
Time: Mondays, 4-6pm
Place: Golm, building 14, room 032
Moodle: Please register on the course's Moodle site.


Course description

Projects on processing natural language questions. Possible areas:

Preliminary Schedule

We will meet weekly in the first half of the course, then carry out the projects and meet in smaller groups or only as needed.

Date Topic Readings Dataset
M 10/22 Introduction --
M 10/29 Question detection Faruqui & Das, 2018, Identifying well-formed natural language questions, Proc. of EMNLP
(Huddleston, 1994)
(Huddleston & Pullum, 2002)
q wellformedness corpus
M 11/5 Question types (Huddleston & Pullum, 2002)
Li et al., 2011, Question Identification on Twitter
Ranganath et al., 2016, Identifying rhetorical questions on social media
M 11/12 Question typology Asking too much (Anja) convotoolkit
M 11/19 Indirect answers Marneffe et al. (Tunc)
Stevens et al.
M 11/26 Question generation Heilman (rule based)
Du et al. 2017 (Neural QG) (Yulia K.)
LearningQ (Sonu)
M 12/3 Question answering Petrochuk/Zettlemoyer (Jacob) SQuAD (Sören)
M 12/10 Questions in dialog (chatbots) Hawkins/Goodman
Ono et al. (Alejandra)
Rasa dialog engine
QuAC (Ali)
M 12/17 Project brainstorming all

no class (winter break)

no class (winter break)
M 1/7 (project work, meetings as needed)
M 1/14 (project work, meetings as needed)
M 1/21 (project work, meetings as needed)
M 1/28 Project presentations
M 2/4 (writing time)

Available datasets

dialog act datasets (selection):


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